Wally's Squadron, July 4th 2000, Firecracker Fly-In

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overview1_2.5.jpg (42448 bytes)

Flyers and Planes ready to go!

overview2_2.5.jpg (42890 bytes)

A Great day was had by All, Well most of us!

Archvip3_2.5.jpg (29691 bytes)

Arch's Pit Viper

toro3_2.5.jpg (24425 bytes)

Look....A Flying Lawn Mower

bigknife3_2.5.jpg (34023 bytes)

A BIG Flying Knife

bucks2_Pitts_2.5.jpg (35213 bytes)

Buck's Pitts ready for the 4th

tele-2_2.5.jpg (34350 bytes)

Telemaster -- A Gentle Giant

40extra2_2.5.jpg (31186 bytes)

Tough day for Ted and his       Extra 40

lazy_bee_2.5.jpg (32259 bytes)

A Slow Poke landing

  flag1_2.5.jpg (29964 bytes)

Nice Fun Fly


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