I.M.A.A. Rally of the Giants

Several Members of Wally's Squadron RC Flyers Attended The 1998 Rally In Danville, VA.  Hosted June 18 - 21 By The   Danville Aero-Modelers

  Click  HERE  For Danville Aero-Modelers Meeting of the Giants 1997

Click on Image to see Full Scale

buxford.jpg (221937 bytes)  Buck's Airplane Hauler

ourtent.jpg (258437 bytes)   Our Spot On The Flightline

  bukwalcu.jpg (31870 bytes)Buck and Wally with 3rd Scale J3

bighotts.jpg (291864 bytes)  Buck's Big Hotts

citabria.jpg (218655 bytes)  Mike's Midwest Citabria

roadrunn.jpg (337924 bytes) Wally's Roadrunner

 stinger.jpg (229380 bytes) Wally's Stinger

flitline.jpg (442378 bytes)  View from one end to the other

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