New Years Day, 2001,  Wally's Squadron

       at Butler Field 


Look at those vehicles out in this weather.

Entry_1.jpg (175765 bytes)

Home sweet home to us who fly @ Butler Field

Trailer_1.jpg (251922 bytes)
People trying to keep warm while watching "crazies" fly Cars_1.jpg (160471 bytes)
The Glenville gang hard at work, trying to keep warm and having fun at the same time. Glendale_1.jpg (312033 bytes)
Wally's Gang and friends preparing for the new millennium by breaking out the winter's hanger queens. Plane_1.jpg (347724 bytes)
A plane actually flying in these frigid conditions. 010101_Extra.jpg (173425 bytes)
A beautiful job of field preparation by Buck and team. Runway_1.jpg (351901 bytes)

A group picture to remember the "real" new millennium January 1st, 2001

I made it this year, even though it was for a short period.

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