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Miles Reed

Wally's Squadron had a very special guest during the Fly-In 2000 event. Miles Reed and his 10-10-200 bi-plane was at the event on Saturday and put on a spectacular aerial show for all in attendance. Miles put his 32 pound 10-10-220 bird through many amazing manuvers that most of us everyday fliers only dream we could perform.                                               Thank you Miles Reed

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Miles_Reed_4 _web.jpg (71831 bytes)

Admiring Observers

Miles_Reed_3 _web.jpg (552614 bytes)

Ready to Fly

Miles_Reed_5 _web.jpg (59407 bytes)

I'm next in Line

Miles_Reed_2 _web.jpg (83629 bytes)


Miles_Reed_6 _web.jpg (11528 bytes)

Normal Flight?

Miles_Reed_1_web.jpg (37134 bytes)

Inverted with a Butterfly in hot pursuit

Miles_Reed_7 web.jpg (10757 bytes)

Inverted Flight

Miles_Reed_8_web.jpg (10776 bytes)

Knife Edge Flight

Miles_Reed_9_web.jpg (60494 bytes)

Perfect Landing

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