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Full Scale Aircraft

In additional to hours of R/C flying, Wally's Squadron, fellow R/C flyers and spectators were treated by several full scale aircraft at Butler field. The field was in perfect condition for these expert pilots to land their aircraft. For many of the spectators, this was the first opportunity to get a close up view of the famous Piper Cub aircraft.                                                                                       Thanks   Guys


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Real_plane_3w.jpg (27405 bytes)

Low Pass by a Piper Cub

Real_plane_4 w.jpg (31951 bytes)

Piper Cub #1 Landing

Real_plane_5w.jpg (30797 bytes)

Piper Cub #2 Landing

Real_plane_1w.jpg (26880 bytes)

Cessna Fly-By

Real_plane_2 w.jpg (31001 bytes)

Cessna "low" Fly-By

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