12th Annual R/C Fly-in
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


Thursday was a typical preparation day for the fly-in. Here you see Buck once again on a mower. Once the field was mowed, the roller came in and made a beautiful site for model airplanes to land.

Friday was another preparation day which started out less than perfect. Rains, fog and heat made for a pretty rough day for all the field preparation team. Wally Squadron would like to thank all the team members who once again jumped in and donated their time and sweat to this effort.


Saturday started out like all the rest, gloomy, foggy and hazy which eventually clearing to yield a beautiful day. Our CD (Andy) did an excellent job kicking off this years events and keeping the crowds organized and informed. Mike and Buck also assisted in many capacities.

The skies were hazy Sunday morning, But after the sun broke out the haze went away and everyone started to fly. Wally brought out his brand new G-Bee. Scaled after a real G-Bee which flew in the early years of aviation.

A fantastic Mustang flew along with just bout everything else. Canopy row began to disassemble early Sunday afternoon while the flying continued.


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